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Prostate and Urinary Health


Unique formula to support prostate & bladder health, overall urinary function

ProstateP4™ is a premium-quality formula that features synergistic and complementary action from a combination of research-backed botanical extracts that have been traditionally used to help provide exceptional support for prostate and bladder health as well as normal, healthy urinary function.*

Serving Size : 2 Capsule | 60 Capsules

“I was getting up three to four times a night, leaving me exhausted during the day. I tried everything out there but nothing seemed to give me relief. Then a friend of mine suggested I try ProstateP4™. For the first time in years I finally sleep through the night and have “full power” when I use the restroom.” — Tom W.

ProstateP4™ is a unique premium-quality formula, specifically designed to help target agonizing prostate and bladder issues.

Powered with “4 Clinically-Validated” Prostate compounds, this solution may give unparalleled quality and unbeatable results to our clients.


UrgeFree™ Complex

UrgeFree is a patented, evidence-based proprietary blend of botanicals, which has been clinically proven to support normal urinary function and to help reduce lower urinary tract symptoms. UrgeFree may support healthy bladder function, prostate health and occasional urgency, including at nighttime and during sleep at night.1 UrgeFree contains botanicals that provide nutritional support that may promote inflammatory balance and healthy prostate volume.†

Saw Palmetto Extract

This botanical extract may promote healthy hormone levels; specifically, it may help inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a more potent androgen hormone that can negatively affect the prostate. The unique compounds in Saw Palmetto extract act as a urinary tonic, which may support inflammatory balance by helping maintain healthy levels of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which in turn may support healthy prostate and urinary function.2

Graminex G63® Extract

This patented, standardized extract from flower pollen has been used historically for over 50 years to support prostate health, and it is supported by a substantial amount of placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials, which have shown that Graminex G63 may support normal, healthy prostate volume and healthy urinary function, including urinary frequency and elimination.3 Flower Pollen Extract is loaded with naturally-occurring compounds—such as amino acids, phytosterols, and flavonoids—that have been shown to selectively act on prostate cells to promote healthy levels of inflammation and to improve prostate health. Graminex G63 has been given to men for prostate health with peace of mind and without harmful side effects.

Cranberry Fruit Powder

Cranberry is one of the most well-researched compounds for urinary tract health. It is loaded with powerful polyphenols that may help support inflammatory balance and act on prostate cells to support prostate health. Cranberry fruit powder has recently been investigated in men with prostate concerns. Research suggests that it may promote healthy urinary function, including improving urinary volume and flow rate.4

What Customers Have to Say

“I now have a powerful stream and can empty my bladder. This is true relief!”

– Tim B.

“I use to get up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the bathroom. I was so tired during the day, my energy levels were way down. I gave ProstateP4 a try and WOW! Now I sleep through the night. Plus during the day I don’t have the nagging feeling of having to pee.”

– Joe C.

“I no longer have the urge or feeling of discomfort in my bladder, plus my wife is a lot happier as it also help bring back the intimate moments… ProstateP4™ is a savior!”

– Jeff S.

“I just finished my first bottle of ProstateP4. I am very pleased with the results. I am experiencing an improved urine flow and decreased frequency, especially at night.”

– Pete W.


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