Energy and Mental Clarity


Powerful blend to support clear-headed energy and radiant vitality

Charge™ is a delicious and refreshing blend of invigorating nutrients designed to revitalize and energize your mind and body. Featuring 10 powerhouse, research-backed ingredients, Charge™ is the only complete energy solution on the market that connects the three most crucial energy channels in the body.

Serving Size : 1 Scoop | 30 Scoops

“Wow, very refreshing! I feel so alert and sharp when drinking Charge™. As a grandpa of 7 I need all the help I can get to keep up. Certainly helps me stay active and energized.” — Tom W.

Charge™ is designed for women and men of all ages to enjoy a deliciously sweet, no-sugar, boost of energy into their day.

Overcome the occasional run-down, tired feeling that can hold you back from your day to day to-do list and goals.

Charge’s™ formula delivers unparalleled quality and support for all.


Huperzine A1

A natural extract from the pristine mountaintops of Eastern Asia. For over 2,000 years, it’s been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine to support a healthy stress response and promote an agile brain.


Significant research suggests that NALT could help strengthen your mind when under duress or in stressful situations


A naturally-occurring amino acid found in the leaves of green tea that helps support dopamine levels in the brain


Overall energy and focus booster that amazingly does not impact sleep when paired with L-Theanine

Essential Amino Acids5

Your body’s protein building blocks, which are also intimately tied with the amount of energy your mitochondria can create


A key amino acid that has shown to support circulatory health, and is instrumental in your body’s mitochondria production

Citrulline Malate

A close companion to L-Arginine, the two work together to support circulatory health and healthy production of your cell’s powerhouses, mitochondria6

American Ginseng

A plant native to the forests of Maine, it contains “super antioxidants” called Ginsenosides, which are recognized for supporting energy metabolism and protection of mitochondria7


Supports An amino acid that supports a healthy nervous system by regulating a process known as “calcium signaling.”8

Choline Bitartrate

A natural nutrient found in meat, eggs, and nuts which supports cognitive function as you age9

What Customers Have to Say

“As someone who takes her fair share of pre-workouts, this ranks high on my list to use in the future. It truly gave me just the CHARGE™ I needed during that afternoon slump, and it kept me going throughout my evening but didn’t keep me up after laying down for the night. The cherry Kool-aid flavor took me back to my childhood and had me smiling ear to ear!”


“I’m a mother and a 5th grade Teacher, so needless to say my daily routine pulls me in many directions. I LOVE Charge™! It is a prefect mid-afternoon pick-me-up which provides me with a much needed boost and focus. All the Teachers in my school asked what’s my “secret”… and now we are hooked on Charge™!”

– Abby, St. Louis, Missouri

“I’m always super tired and worn out after lunch, but Charge™ gives me a boost to make it through the work day without feeling like I need a nap. Plus it tastes pretty dang good.”

– Josh, Boise, Idaho

“As a fitness professional, I highly recommend CHARGE to clients who are looking for a pre-workout or anytime energy that will hydrate and invigorate them without the typical “dark side effects” common with many other energy drinks.”


“Charge is part of my morning routine. I’ve never been a coffee drinker and pre-works give me the shakes. Charge is the perfect solution to kickstart my mind and body”


“This is INCREDIBLE! It was a great pick me up. My focus was sharper and no let down. The taste was perfect! Cherry is spot on, perfect for my afternoons!”


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